Printing on Perspex, Glass and Aluminium

Whilst printing unique images onto paper and canvas can produce outstanding decor solutions, why not stretch the décor & design limits by choosing innovative hi-tech printing substrates such as Perspex, glass, metals and composites.

perspex-glass.jpgHi-Tech interior décor applications requiring transparency, simplicity & style can’t go wrong with Perspex & glass.
Image Engineers produces custom-made Perspex & glass displays to the highest standard. The latest printing technologies are used which allow the reproduction of any digital image, resulting in contemporary, transparent graphic displays. These can be hung in any position using a variety of stainless steel fixation systems.

stainless-steel.jpgThese sheet metals are produced in various thicknesses and have a brushed finish which gives a new dimension and a hi-tech look to photographic images. The brushed finish adds lustre to the image highlights and a matte effect to the shadows. The panels can either be applied directly to the wall, offset to give a shadow effect, or hung using stainless steel cables.

dibond.jpgIf you think that Black & White went out with the advent of digital photography, think again! Black & White, Sepia, Duo-tone and Tri-tone images are back in vogue, and printing them onto modern composite materials is the latest trend.
Dibond is an aluminium composite material available in a wide range of colours, thicknesses and sheet sizes. It has a lustrous stove-enameled surface finish which is ideal for digital printing, particularly in Black & White, Duo-tone and Tritone. The finished product looks spectacular on its own but it also looks brilliant when framed in polished chrome.

dibond-mirror.jpgProduce the ultimate mirror in any size up to 2.5m long by printing suitable images directly onto the surface. The use of black & white images with predominantly white backgrounds can result in unique and effective décor accessories.
Image Engineers is also able to frame the end result with a suitable moulding to complement the interior design.

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