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3.jpgMarch 2012: Top Billing

Image Engineers’ client, Buzwe in Décor, featured prominently in Top Billing on Tuesday, 13 March 2011.
The interview covered Buzwe’s magnificent interior design of an opulent new residence in Dainfern.
Included in the design were wallpaper murals for the children’s bedrooms; designed, manufactured and installed by Image Engineers.
The murals depicting Ferrari and Lamborghini supercars, were laminated for protection, and installed meticulously to conform to the overall perfection of Buzwe’s interior decor.

3D_Image_in_Perspex.jpgMarch 2012: 3D Image in Perspex

Printing onto Perspex is an innovative way to produce contemporary, transparent graphic displays. However, Karl Gustav’s work in this medium is super cool!
Image Engineers recently completed a set of 9 images on separate sheets to produce a stunning block of transparent Perspex.
This block can be viewed from any angle, and the resulting 3D image looks almost like a hologram!
We are waiting with bated breath for his next creation!  

Hyundai_certificate_in_Perspex_Float_Mount.jpgFebruary 2012: Hyundai certificate framing

Image Engineers was commissioned by CCS Print to supply certificate framing for Hyundai. The client selected a float framing system, where the certificate is floated between two sheets of Perspex and installed using stainless steel offset wall mounts at each corner. 

sale.jpgFebruary 2012: New Special Deals – Frames, Canvases & Mirrors

We currently have a wide variety of new and used picture frames, printed stretched canvases, blank stretched canvases, small multi-window frames and ready-made stretcher frames. All of these are on sale at reduced prices to clear. 

Robin_Sprong.jpgFebruary 2012: Designer Wallpaper collaboration with Robin Sprong

Image Engineers is pleased to announce its new collaboration with Robin Sprong Wallpapers - an innovative go-getting photo and design studio focussed on setting trends in wallpaper design. As a result we have access to the latest design ideas from the most innovative wallpaper designers in South Africa.
Click here to see the pattern galleries currently available from each designer. New designers and new patterns are being added on a regular basis.

The_Eagle_Brothers.jpgNovember 2011: New Products – Printable and Cut-out frosted window film

Design, printing & application of Printable frosted window film was introduced, in order to meet the need for translucent window designs and take advantage of the design benefits of the newly available Printable sandblast vinyl film.

P1060230_s.jpgNovember 2011: Renault certificate framing

Image Engineers was commissioned by CCS Print to frame the dealer award certificates for Renault South Africa. Some of the special certificates included hand-painted borders to match the certificates.

mirror.jpgNovember 2011: SA Post Office – Action campaign

The SA Post Office is a supporter of World Aids Day and the 16 day campaign for No Violence Against Women & Children. Image Engineers was commissioned by Mr.Office to manufacture and supply a number of distorting mirrors which were used to encourage supporters to recognize their differences and prejudices.
Click here to see an image of one of the distorting mirrors.

Land_Bank_Installation2.jpgAugust 2011: Land Bank murals

Image Engineers was commissioned by MT Development architects to print and install one of the most complicated wallpaper mural projects ever attempted in South Africa. This entailed printing and installing two single-image murals through the 10 storey atriums of the refurbished Land Bank building in Pretoria, using suspended scaffolding from the roof. The project installation was completed successfully in five days.
Click here to see an image of the Landbank wallpaper mural installation.

Mantaray_Reception.jpgJuly 2011: New Products – Custom Wallpaper Murals

Design, printing and installation of Custom Wallpaper Murals was introduced, in order to meet a growing market need for unique wallpaper solutions.
Click here to see an image of a Custom Wallpaper Mural.

JP1070122.JPGuly 2011: New Products – Contravision mesh

Design, printing & application of Contravision mesh graphics was introduced, in order to meet the need for transparent window graphics for buildings and vehicle branding.
Click here to see an image of Contravision vehicle branding.
Click here to see an image of Contravision window graphics.

image-engineers-logo.pngJune 2011: SA Post Office – Beetle Eats Bat!

Image Engineers was asked by Mr.Office to investigate and repair damage to a commemorative framed set of signed cricket bats from the 2001 Cricket World Cup. The culprit was found to be a beetle larva in the virgin wood used to make one of the bats. The larva had hollowed out a section of the bat before finally eating its way out as a 50mm long beetle!

The whole frame was fumigated and the bat fully repaired before reframing and return to its position in the new SA Post Office Head Office building in Centurion.

SAA_Branding.jpgMay 2011: SAA branding

Sunstone Promotions was recently contracted by SAA to supply 1000 A1 Snapper frames for use in the main airports. A unique branding system was developed and applied to the frames by Image Engineers, to ensure high resolution, scratch resistance & security for the SAA logo.
Click here to see an image of the completed branding.

image-engineers-logo.pngMay 2011: CMH certificate framing

Image Engineers was commissioned by CCS Print to frame dealer award certificates for the CMH Group.


Architects_Project_Board_-_Tensioned__Vinyl_in_Spiritflex.jpgApril 2011 New Products - Architects Project Signboards

Printed banner canvas stretched into an aluminium frame for wall or pole fixing. This new product is robust and extremely cost effective, particularly as the canvas is not prone to theft like Chromadek.It also complies with the specifications for notice boards required by the South African Institute of Architects. read more

SAPO_-_Hindenburg.jpgMarch 2011: SA Post Office reframing

When the SA Post Office relocated its Head Office to Centurion, Image Engineers was commissioned by Mr.Office to reframe & install valuable and historical artwork. Amongst these was a group of letters, packaging and stamps telling the story of a special delivery from Chicago to Johannesburg. The package was transported on the Hindenburg airship to London and then made history by being the earliest airmail delivery to South Africa.
Click here to see an image of the finished frame.

mirror_dibond_letters.jpgMarch 2011 New Products - Dibond Mirror

Produce the ultimate mirror in any size up to 2.5m long by printing suitable images directly onto the surface. The use of black & white images with predominantly white backgrounds can result in unique and effective décor accessories. read more

P1060098.JPGFebruary 2011: Onderstepoort signage

Image Engineers was commissioned by MEG Architects to manufacture and install backlit cutout signage for the Farm Fresh food outlet at Ondertepoort Veterinary College North of Pretoria.
Click here to see an image of the installed signage.

oil-paintings-35.jpgFebruary 2011 New Products - Decor Products

Be the first to experience this brand new range of décor products; specially imported from around the world and currently only available to Interior Designers through Image Engineers. read more

computerised-cutter.jpgFebruary 2011 New Products - Computerized Matboard Cutting

Image Engineers has invested in the finest Italian technology to bring you computerised mat cutting. This now enables us to cut or draw the most intricate designs imaginable into the matboards which surround a printed image.In addition to heads for mat cutting, Image Engineers has purchased the stylus head which revives the lost art of French matwork by allowing any user to draw creative, eye catching design elements onto a variety of mat surfaces. read more

image-engineers-logo.pngFebruary 2011 New E-Mail Banner

A new name, a new logo, and a new website! But it all counts for nothing unless you can get it out there! We at Image Engineers want to ensure that all our contacts remain fully up to date about our products and services, so we have employed the services of Rocketseed to empower access to our new website. All e-mails from Image Engineers will soon be accompanied by a new banner designed to provide immediate access to the website. The banner will be redesigned on a regular basis to ensure that clients are made aware of all new developments as soon as they are introduced.

news-frame.jpgJanuary 2011 New Special Deals

  • Small Stretched Canvases – 30% off normal prices for any sizes up to 300 x 300mm (limited quantities). Printed stretched canvas from R99 + VAT’
  • 75mm thick Stretched Canvases – 30% off normal prices until the end of February 2011.
  • 45mm thick Printed Stretched Canvases – 50% off existing stock.
  • Artists White Stretched Canvases – 50% off existing stock.
  • New & Used Picture Frames – Make us an offer on stock frames!

image-engineers-logo.pngDecember 2010 New Website

What better time to launch a new website than in conjunction with a new name and logo?
Our original Worth Framing website received great feedback for its detailed content about framing processes and principles, but it had little graphic appeal. Our 2008 Image Engineers website had graphic appeal but lacked valuable content.
This new website is a real attempt to combine graphic appeal with value-added content that provides useful information about all the products and services we have developed since we started in 2004.
It is aimed very specifically at our target markets of photographers, printers, interior designers and architects; irrespective of whether they are amateur or professional.
Its intension is to demonstrate that we are able to supply a broad range of products and services, which will enable our clients to use us as a one-stop-shop for all their imaging, printing, framing and display requirements.

We sincerely hope that our existing clients get a fresh perspective on our total range of activities, and that new clients will recognize a company that is passionate about the detail and sincere about its relationships, whilst being fresh and innovative.
Welcome to Image Engineers!

image-engineers-logo.pngNovember 2010 New Name & Logo

In view of the changes to our products and markets since the founding of Worth Framing in 2004, we have decided to change our formal trading name to Image Engineers.

The Image Engineers brand name was developed in 2008 in order to assist our entry into the Interior Design market, as we felt it was more relevant to this new business area. Since then our products and markets have continued to grow, so the adoption of Image Engineers as the overall business name is a logical choice. We start with superb images and we engineer these images into great solutions for décor, display and signage – We enhance your Space.

A new name obviously goes hand-in-hand with a new logo. Here we have tried to retain the colourful flair of Worth Framing, but set it into a modern piece of 3D engineering, evocative of our strategic direction.
Worth Framing will be retained as our registered name, but we believe that putting all our products and services under a single modern banner will assist us to continue delivering the quality and service for which we have become renowned.

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