Custom Picture Framing

This is the area of expertise on which Image Engineers was founded. It was born out of the long standing passion of its members for artistic design and superior images.

The overall purpose of custom picture framing is to lead the viewer’s eyes towards the critical elements of the image, in order to enhance its visual impact.

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conventional-art.jpgWe may call it conventional framing, but the professionalism & artistic flair that goes into every stage of the production process is what sets Image Engineers apart from other framers. It starts with matboard & frame moulding selection to enhance the artwork, and does not stop until the client is delighted with the end result.
If required we can also have frame mouldings custom made for specific applications.

box-framing.jpgWe can box-frame just about anything from a Limoges fine bone china plate to a motorcycle boot! And we do this with the same artistic flair & attention to detail that goes into fine art framing!
In addition we have the option to use standard box-frame mouldings or custom-finished boxes.

fine-art-canvas.jpgThere is nothing quite like combining modern processes with traditional methods to produce personalized quality artwork. Find the image you want, and print it onto Fine Art canvas carrying 75/100 year guarantees using the latest high quality printing process. Then vacuum press it onto Supawood and frame it using high quality conventional mouldings to produce a traditional work of art to grace the finest interior.
If you choose an image scanned from an original oil painting, you will be hard pressed to tell the difference between your canvas and the original artwork!

conservation.jpgWhenever a piece of artwork has investment, historic or sentimental value, such as an original graphic, screen-print, etching, oil painting, watercolour or pastel; then conservation framing techniques should always be used.
Image Engineers is fully certified to carry out Conservation Framing for all original and valuable artwork in order to preserve it in pristine condition. In instances where deterioration has already taken place, Image Engineers can also arrange for professional restoration before Conservation Framing takes place.

custom-mirror.jpgOur frame moulding suppliers have the finest ranges of wooden, synthetic & aluminium mouldings to match any interior décor requirement in any size. Many of these mouldings are specifically designed to carry the additional loads imposed by large mirrors. For large unique mirrors in special applications, Image Engineers will design custom mouldings and manufacture them to order.

computerised.jpgImage Engineers has invested in the finest Italian technology to bring you CNC (Computer numerical control) matboard cutting. This now enables us to cut or draw the most intricate designs imaginable into the matboards which surround a print or piece of artwork.
Come in and see us to get a full understanding of the endless possibilities for enhancement with creative, eye catching design elements.

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custom-matboards.jpgLooking for the WOW factor in custom picture framing?
Image Engineers does it time & again with its specialized hand-painted matboard service. If you have a really special piece of art or special occasion, let us give it the full treatment with wash lines, shadow effects and hand-painted enhancements. You will be truly amazed at how even a simple piece can be transformed into a work of art!

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