Picture Framing Information

The duty of the professional picture framer is to satisfy the needs of the client, whilst maximizing the visual impact of the image. This process takes time and effort. Image Engineers will always endeavor to ensure that the end result adds value to the artwork, and provides good value to the client.

framing.jpgGood framing does not have to be expensive, but it does have to be done right. Image Engineers will never sacrifice its high standards, and reserves the right to decline work if it feels that these standards are being compromised.

High quality picture framing comprises the following physical elements which all contribute not only to enhancement of the image, but also to ensuring its stability and longevity.



  • The artwork
  • 1-4 optional mount boards on the front
  • Optional lines, wash-lines, borders and cutouts
  • Glass
  • Artwork backing board
  • Waterproof backboard
  • Edge seal for the above pack
  • Paper dust proof layer
  • Frame


Framing is a very personal thing which allows you to create something in your home that is unique. It is also flexible enough in terms of material choices to allow you to enhance any particular aspect of an image that you choose. No frame should ever be seen as just an accessory; it should enhance the composition of the artwork; complete it visually and create harmony between the picture and its surroundings.

A frame should never be chosen to match the walls, furniture or curtains. First choose your artwork to help create the right ambience in the room, and to complement the overall scheme. Then frame it to suit the picture only. If the picture matches your décor, then automatically the frame will also match, and it will also enhance the artwork.


The frame around any piece of artwork is in many ways as important as the artwork itself, as it can very easily enhance or destroy the piece visually.
The most important consideration, in addition to your budget, is that the frame must form an integral part of the piece being displayed and match it in terms of size, colour and texture.
Use a professional framer to advise you and never attempt taking framed works apart without experience.
Good photographs should be seen as pieces of art. If your photographs are worth framing, then give them the mounts and frames that do them justice.


Mounts are as important as the frames, as they prevent the glass from touching the artwork and create a visual space between the artwork and the frame. There are a wide range of mounts available in different colours and textures. Allow ample space for the mounts around the work to prevent it from appearing squashed in the frame.


Glass is necessary to protect the artwork from dust, dirt, splashes, finger-marks etc, but be aware that non-reflective glass can obscure intricate detail.
Avoid using plastic or acrylic instead of glass as it is rarely flat, creates static and degenerates quickly.

Why you should choose Image Engineers

Before you commit your valuable artwork or commercial requirements to just any picture framer, take some time to get answers to the following questions:-

  • Does your framer have a Certificate in Advanced Picture Framing?
  • Does your framer offer, and show you examples of, advanced printing & framing techniques?
  • Does your framer have a background in art & design?
  • Can your framer show you a good range of alternative methods for mounting your artwork?
  • Is your framer proud to show you the mechanics behind the framing for your artwork, and explain the importance of each step?
  • Does your framer know anything about Conservation Framing?
  • Is your framer proud to show you around his/her workshop?
  • Are you paying for high quality framing or a high quality shop front?
  • Does your framer try to inform you about good printing & framing practice?
  • Is your framer prepared to spend a lot of time with you to ensure that the choice of framing system is right for the artwork and for you?

Are you being Framed?

Image Engineers is fully aware of market perceptions about the apparent high price of picture framing. These perceptions exist for a number of reasons:-

The Retail sales channel

Retail shops located in high class shopping malls have enormous overheads (as high as R50000/month in some cases just for the rent), in addition to their essential workshop overheads. To cover these overheads and still make a profit the framer must charge excessively high prices. Image Engineers has no retail outlets and operates from low cost industrial premises, enabling it to pass these savings on to its customers.

Picture Framing Materials

Good quality materials and correct processes for all aspects of custom picture framing (see Elements of a High Quality Picture Frame above) are not cheap, but are essential if you want the frame to last. However, you don’t have to have all the bells and whistles! At the end of the day it is horses for courses, especially when your definition of Quality is “Fit for Purpose”. This is the main reason why consultation is so important, so that we can match the materials and processes to your requirements, and therefore match the price to your budget, whilst still ensuring that you end up with a Quality product.

Poor Quality Framers

There is a perception out there that framing is easy and that anyone can do it in their garage! This has led to a host of people opening picture framing operations without the necessary training, skills, experience or equipment to produce Quality results.
Image Engineers uses fully certified operators, trained in all the necessary skills. We utilize the correct equipment and have years of experience, not just in correct framing processes but also in artistic design, to maximize the visual potential of your artwork and make it last.

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