Mounting for Posters & Certificates

Mounting is the process of fixing the print onto a base material or frame to give it rigidity and protection. Image Engineers offers a variety of mounting & framing options for posters and certificates which are geared specifically to the client’s budget and the volume required.

mounting.jpgIf you merely require photographs or posters to be mounted, we can paste and vacuum press onto board, foamcore or 3mm Supawood up to 1m x 1.6m. Longer length prints can be pressed using a laminating machine.
Mounted prints can then be finished with additional decorative matboards if required (see Custom Picture Framing)

lamnin.jpgPrints may be surface laminated (matte or gloss) for protection, or fully encapsulated.

block-mounting.jpgSimple block mounting onto 12mm Supawood provides an inexpensive way to mount prints without framing. If you require a more finished look, then we can provide a plastic Channel to cover the edges.

superblock-mounting.jpgThis is Image Engineers’ more professional alternative to simple block mounting. The poster or print is mounted onto 3mm Supawood before framing with a 5mm wide x 30mm deep edge moulding. This provides a quality finish and the end result is a fraction of the weight.

snap-framing.jpgImage Engineers supplies a range of Snap frames suitable for volume mounting of certificates and posters. They are available in a range of sizes from A4 to A1, and a range of widths and designs.
Contact us for more information and special volume discounts.

corporate-training.jpgImage Engineers has invested in the finest Italian technology to bring you CNC (Computer numerical control) matboard cutting. This now enables us to cut or draw the most intricate designs imaginable into the matboards which surround a printed image. This facility is particularly relevant for corporate framing, as company logos can now be reproduced onto matboards.

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