Good signage is not a nice-to-have, it’s an important element of the face of your business.

Whether you require external signage to announce your presence to the man in the street, way-finding signage to ensure that he gets to the right place, or point-of-sale signage to convince him to buy, Image Engineers has a unique and eye-catching solution.


“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there” – Lewis Carroll

This well-known quote is just as important in the design of signage as it is in life.

In fact when you are redesigning signage it is possibly more important, because your original design may have taken you down the wrong road!

If your signage design is incompatible with your vision for the  business, or your target market, then it will be ineffective and a waste of money.

This is why Image Engineers is prepared to spend such a lot of time with each client to determine the real essence of their business, before proposing preliminary design concepts.

And this is why our signage does the job it is supposed to do – get customer attention!


tensioned.jpgStretching systems using canvas, polyester and PVC provide a cost effective and highly flexible alternative to conventional rigid sheet signage. Depending on the size & application, Image Engineers can either install in- situ or supply fully finished signage.


The following systems are available and are suitable for interior & exterior use and may even be applied to curved walls up to 300m2:- 

  • Stretched Canvas - Image Engineers system
  • Stretched Polyester material - Geneva aluminium framing system
  • Stretched PVC - Spiritflex Tension system

modular.jpgModular Way-finding systems fill the gap between custom signage and modular PoP signage, in that they can be fully customized to meet specific client requirements for communication, identification and way-finding in corporate offices, hotels, conference centres, and shopping malls. Effective way-finding contributes significantly to a positive visitor experience from one point to another, so Image Engineers offers a range of systems to suit every application and budget.


The following systems are available:-

  • Vista MCFT Signage System
  • CoSign Modular Signage System
  • Triline Modular Signage Sytem



Hi-Tech interior signage applications requiring transparency, simplicity & style can’t go wrong with Perspex & glass. These materials are particularly suitable for corporate applications where company logos need to be displayed with panache.
Image Engineers produces custom-made Perspex & glass signage to the highest quality, hung with stainless steel fixation systems. Printing capabilities also allow the reproduction of any digital image onto these materials for exceptional graphic displays.


Image Engineers has agency arrangements with a number of PoP signage importers & manufacturers, enabling us to supply the best solution for any application.


We offer a huge range including the following:-

  • Banner Stands, Hanging Banners, Banner walls, and Banner panel systems
  • Roll-up Banners, Pop-up Banners and Rolling Banner units
  • Poster Frames & Freestanding units
  • Illuminated Signage & Lightboxes
  • Exhibition systems & Outdoor Displays


The custom signage that Image Engineers can produce is limited only by the imagination of the client, as we can design, manufacture, deliver, rig & install in almost any environment. Image Engineers operates with a range of companies geared towards meeting client needs from individual shopfront signage to national brand re-signage programmes. 


Image Engineers works with a range of materials including:-

  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Perspex
  • Powder coated M/S
  • LED and Neon lighting systems


Image Engineers now specializes in the production of project boards for new developments. These products comply with the specifications for notice boards required by the South African Institute of Architects. 


Project Boards are produced in the following variations:-

  • Vinyl lettering applied to Chromadek sheeting, mounted on an aluminium tubing frame for wall or pole fixing.
  • Printed banner canvas stretched into an aluminium frame for wall or pole fixing. This new product is robust and extremely cost effective, particularly as the canvas is not prone to theft like Chromadek.
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