Stretched Canvas

Image Engineers is the market leader in stretched canvas work, having developed the South African Patent for a unique canvas stretch-framing system which stretches the material without the use of staples. This system is widely referred to as “The Rolls Royce of Stretch Framing” and is used to stretch frame a variety of materials and products.

stretched-panels.jpgImage Engineers is able to turn any suitable image (film, print or digital) into a work of art! We will print your image onto canvas and stretch frame it to suit your specific requirements. This results in a contemporary frameless look which is effective either for décor or display.
If you don’t have exactly the right image, we can find one for you, print it onto any woven material (from soft fine polyesters to the highest quality artists’ canvas or satin sheen PVC), then stretch frame it.

The process can be used up to any size required, either in one piece or as a split image, and is available in 45mm and 75mm thicknesses.
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oil-paintings.jpgOur patented stretch framing process is less traumatic than conventional stretching, resulting in less damage to the canvas. It is therefore perfect for stretch framing of oil paintings providing that there is sufficient material for the stretching process. As an alternative we also offer vacuum pressing of the canvas onto board before conventional framing.

tapestries.jpgTapestries are tricky, so unless you have the skills you can end up with uneven stretching and skew pictures. Image Engineers has the skills and experience to ensure that tapestries are stretched perfectly every time.

material-framing.jpgliving-room.jpgWhilst our patented system is simply the best décor solution for a whole range of canvases, we also offer aluminium stretch framing systems for stretching materials. The materials used are typically polyester fabrics which are printed using the dye-sublimation process to produce vibrant colours. The systems can be used to produce anything from individual picture frames right up to full wall-to-wall graphics installed in-situ, and may even be applied to curved walls.

room-divider.jpgWhen you have the space and the need to break it up, why limit yourself to enhancing just the walls? With our graphics capabilities we can now produce either multiple images or split images to cover both sides of a stretched canvas room-divider screen.
For more commercial applications we can also produce the same effects using robust aluminium stretch framing systems.

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